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Q: I purchased a website template from JNS iStore, but I either don’t have Photoshop or don’t have the ability to build separate HTML pages from it. Can JNS iStore help me?

A: Yes! We have outside consultants (not JNS iStore employees) that are web professionals that can assist you in creating the .HTML files so you can import them into your favorite web editor and add your content (text, pictures, etc.) (A nominal fee will be charged. Customer/Consultant negotiated). Need something more sophisticated? Just ask! Custom web development is available!

Q: I purchased a few items at once on JNS iStore and I got three different emails with three different invoices, what happened?

A: JNS iStore sells some things directly, but we also sell other items from outside Vendors/Providers. If you purchase several items at once some or all of the items could be coming from a different Vendor/Provider. Because of this, a separate invoice is generated for each provider, with only their products on it, and it is e-mailed to them so they can fulfill your order as quickly as possible.

Q: I purchased several items at once, or separately, and the shipping rate/cost is different on one or more of the items. I ordered them all from JNS iStore, why is the shipping different if they’re all being shipped to the same location?

A: Many items sold through JNS iStore are shipped from third-party vendors. They are located in different locations (states, cities) and not necessarily in the same city as JNS iStore. Our real-time shipping calculation estimates are done from the third-party vendor location to your ship-to address. So, the shipping rate will vary depending on the vendors ship-from address.

Q: At checkout I have more than one coupon, but it only lets me enter one.

A: Currently only one coupon can be redeemed at a time. This is a current limitation of our e-commerce software. However, we are not happy with the design and we will be investigating the ability to add multiple coupons upon check-out. Please bear with us during our investigation of a resolution, development, testing and implementation of this functionality.

Q: I was told that there was an ‘automatic’ discount on an item(s), but when I view the item in your store it’s the regular price. How do I get the discount?

A: The discount will only be applied to an item if you add it to your shopping cart and then view your cart. Correct pricing will also be reflected at time of Check Out. Under your subtotal will be the breakdown of discounts, coupons or other discounts.

Q: I purchased a website template from you, built my site and would like to put it on the Internet; do you have a webhosting company that you’d recommend?

A: Yes! We use and highly recommend Just Host for all your hosting needs. We tried several hosting companies and none have even come close to SuperWebHost.com. They are very low priced but the support and customer service doesn’t suffer! They’ll help you all the way through domain name registration or moving a domain, to setting up your site. They have other services, too! Don’t be afraid to ask them a question! These guys are the best! (Please tell them JNS iStore sent you!)

Q: I purchased an item from JNS iStore, but I’m dissatisfied, who can I talk to?

A: Please see the return policy is based on our Vendor's return policy. Feel free to  Contact Us to see if an item is for "final sale" or have a return time limit.

Q: I have a resale permit and I will need to purchase items in bulk. Can JNS iStore handle my business?

A: Yes! Contact Us to set up your wholesale account and to make arrangements to send us your resale number paperwork.

Q: An item was out of stock and I chose to have JNS iStore notify me when it was back in stock, how does this work?

A: If you’re logged in, it’ll take your email address from your profile and store it. If you’re not logged in, it’ll prompt you for your email address. When the item is put back in stock by the vendor that sells the item through JNS iStore, our e-commerce software will automatically send an email notification it is back in stock. Since most items on JNS iStore are sold from outside vendors, JNS iStore has no control over their stock and cannot determine when an item will be back in stock. If you would like an estimate of when the item will be back in stock, you may Contact Us and we’ll contact the vendor to notify you if he has an e.t.a. on the item.

Q: Why do you use PayPal instead of processing your own credit cards?

A: Very good question. When it comes to CC processing we carefully examined our options. We wanted low processing fees, no monthly flat-fees, security, charge-back investigation/protection and someone to always keep up-to-date on all the latest CC scams. We could have tried to find (and that would have been extremely tough) and hire a team of Security Professionals costing hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and pay merchant fees, monthly fees, fight our own chargebacks, etc. –OR- go with PayPal that has all the resources above, low merchant fees, no monthly fees and the more sales we do, the lower the rates. The other way the costs would have to be passed on to the customer with higher prices and to the vendors with giving up higher profits. PayPal gives us all everything we need and keeps costs low. As I.T. professionals we realize sometimes you have to weigh the options and realize that sometimes there’s someone else out there better set up to handle certain functions – then you outsource.